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Irene Kelada - Physiotherapist

Upon graduating from New York Institute of Technology, May of 2014, Irene Kelada began working in outpatient office settings together with providing home care in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Throughout that time, she’s made it an effort to take on challenging roles; such as being the PT Supervisor of two different rehabilitation clinics, having a multifaceted understanding of the different aspects related to patient care and overseeing a successful Physical Therapy practice.

Wanting to advance as a specialist within her field, Irene decided to enter into New York University’s Orthopedics Specialty Physical Therapy Residency. This one-year intense training in the world of orthopedic PT allowed Irene to gain the experience, insight and build on her already existing knowledge with an advanced degree setting her apart with a niche.

Irene’s current focus continues to be working in between an outpatient office setting and home care. She strongly believes in the incredible impact that one on one patient care can have on the outcome of a patient’s overall prognosis. Providing up to date, advanced quality care and building a genuine rapport with her patients are her main goals in treatment.

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